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With today’s advances in technology, many real estate offices are becoming obsolete, and we've found there is no need to have a physical office in all servicing areas. Our agents prefer working more freely from virtual offices - their homes, cars, local coffee shops, or their own offices.

We are a green company and use technology to our advantage!  All communications are done through our website, by e-mail, fax and telephone.  This enables us to save on office rent, staff payroll, insurance and other expenses and in turn, pass those savings on to our agents.  Our agents will never see the “floor time” of the past!

SoCal eRealty offers incredible savings to real estate agents while providing the same services as many traditional real estate companies. We charge only a flat $500 transaction and $125 risk management fees per closed transaction.  No office, desk, monthly or any other hidden fees!  Additionally, we are the ONLY company to offer 100% commission and provide our agents with passive income through profit sharing!  What other real estate company can offer you all of this?

Yes, it's true. We let YOU choose your commission so that it reflects your experience in the industry!  That’s right…experienced agents earn 100% commission!

Since we charge no startup or up-front fees, working with SoCal eRealty is a risk-free venture.  Come see how easy, comfortable and profitable it can be to work as part of our team.  Don’t let other companies continue to take your hard-earned money!

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